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US-2308135-A: Pressure regulator patent, US-2308576-A: Method for the manufacture of artificial fibers and staple fiber yarns patent, US-2308903-A: Process for the production of the carbon chloride compounds c4cl6 patent, US-2309199-A: Tractor transmission patent, US-2309524-A: Heating system patent, US-2309883-A: Method and means for controlling electric discharge tubes patent, US-2310508-A: Mop patent, US-2310655-A: Process and composition for purification and treatment of natural or sewerage waters patent, US-2311267-A: Mercurated alkyl amides of dibasic phenylene acids and homologues thereof patent, US-2311520-A: Coupling loop patent, US-2311641-A: Binder patent, US-2311818-A: Method of making brushes patent, US-2311873-A: Rail bond terminal pin patent, US-2313133-A: Examining of gears, particularly helical gears patent, US-2313569-A: Electric timeswitch patent, US-2313972-A: Bus structure patent, US-2314410-A: Bag holding device patent, US-2314715-A: Window screen patent, US-2316312-A: Railway switch rod connecting means patent, US-2316534-A: Protractor patent, US-2317053-A: Alkali treatment of hydrocarbon oils patent, US-2317675-A: Conveyer system patent, US-2319288-A: Shoe and method of making the same patent, US-2320499-A: Continuous strip pickling and cleaning apparatus patent, US-2320637-A: Selective blocking arrangement for the keyboards of teleprinters having complete keyboards patent, US-2321174-A: Means of fabricating wall sections and the like patent, US-2321587-A: Electrical conductive coating patent, US-2321713-A: Shoe and shoe bottom unit and method of making the same patent, US-2321784-A: Beater mechanism patent, US-2322918-A: Apparatus for tightening electrode joints patent, US-2324747-A: Drum rack patent, US-2326669-A: Liquid wax applicator patent, US-2328097-A: Display printing machine patent, US-2329967-A: Supporting structure for floating tank roofs patent, US-2332147-A: Lipstick container patent, US-2332265-A: Adhesive sheeting patent, US-2332319-A: Connector structure patent, US-2332322-A: Elastic fluid turbine arrangement patent, US-2332852-A: Fastener and fastener installation patent, US-2332997-A: Flag holder patent, US-233336-A: Paul droz-jeabtstot patent, US-2333581-A: Reaction of epinephrine with sterols and product thereof patent, US-2334109-A: Rolling mill coiler patent, US-2334182-A: Time fuse patent, US-2335255-A: Change-speed transmission control patent, US-2335788-A: Mounting for reflector buttons patent, US-2336578-A: Molding equipment patent, US-2336709-A: Marking machine patent, US-2336906-A: Marine propulsion attachment patent, US-2337178-A: Stock lifting grab patent, US-2338381-A: Method of assembling lead-in conductors for vacuum tubes patent, US-2339143-A: Machine key extractor patent, US-2339505-A: Poultry dipping system patent, US-2339627-A: Storage cabinet patent, US-2339773-A: Divisible soap bar patent, US-2340176-A: Shear reinforced composite structure patent, US-2340204-A: Moistening device patent, US-2340497-A: Agricultural implement patent, US-2342266-A: Open-width washer patent, US-2343858-A: Method and apparatus for coating patent, US-2343874-A: Nut-cracking machine patent, US-2346181-A: Cap closure for containers patent, US-2346583-A: Article sorting apparatus patent, US-2346597-A: Phonograph record and method of making patent, US-2346723-A: Tank closure patent, US-2347016-A: Demand register patent, US-2347263-A: Coupling hook adapted to detachably connect small boats to the davit falls patent, US-2347700-A: Camera shutter patent, US-2348593-A: Apparatus for compensating gas meter readings patent, US-2349608-A: Strap-stretching device patent, US-2349807-A: Recovery of vinyl acetate from solvent mixtures patent, US-2350357-A: Scouring device and method for making the same patent, US-2351173-A: Furrow opener for planters and the like patent, US-2353650-A: Apparatus for installing elastic covers patent, US-2353910-A: Coating composition patent, US-2354166-A: Marking machine patent, US-2354325-A: Conveying apparatus patent, US-2354382-A: Window control patent, US-2354513-A: Interchangeable setting for finger rings patent, US-2354890-A: Honing mandrel patent, US-2355144-A: Self-aligning gear assembly patent, US-235529-A: Safety-pendant for watches patent, US-2355636-A: Photographic masking patent, US-2355702-A: Removal of nitrogen oxides from sulphuric acid patent, US-2356319-A: Method and apparatus for applying cap removers to bottles or like containers patent, US-2356945-A: Vegetable and fruit grader patent, US-2357358-A: Unloading mechanism for bottle-washing machines patent, US-2357908-A: Rug package patent, US-2358074-A: Locking rod operating mechanism for charging machines for open-hearth furnaces patent, US-2358324-A: Treatment of egg substance and resulting product patent, US-2358385-A: Explosive patent, US-2361177-A: Method and apparatus for the detection of submarines by airplanes patent, US-2361306-A: Thread package sizing device patent, US-2361410-A: Safety razor patent, US-2362229-A: Typewriting machine patent, US-2363157-A: Process for purifying piperidine patent, US-2363265-A: Socket for switch signal lamps patent, US-2363801-A: Method of casting chain and the like patent, US-2363808-A: Unscrewing device for the molding of threaded articles patent, US-2363979-A: Power transmission mechanism patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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