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US-6350857-B1: Fifty-four homologue (ffh) from streptococcus pneumoniae patent, US-6458888-B1: Rheology modifier for use in aqueous compositions patent, US-3817432-A: Flow promoting device for batch hoppers patent, US-3822554-A: Heat engine patent, US-3848967-A: Compact seven element zoom lens with optical compensation patent, US-3908272-A: Orthodontic model patent, US-3910210-A: Universal support for the needle cooling group of a sewing machine patent, US-3913490-A: Crib tamping machine patent, US-3922042-A: Thrust bearing device patent, US-3937867-A: Coupler for electric furnace electrodes patent, US-4002461-A: Substituted 2-azabicycloalkanes as selective herbicides patent, US-4031234-A: 1,5(6)-Disubstituted benzimidazole-2-carbamate derivatives having anthelmintic activity patent, US-4040941-A: Process for liquefying coal patent, US-4099636-A: Instant load release method patent, US-4137548-A: Method and apparatus for optimizing color purity in a color kinescope patent, US-4158200-A: Digital video display system with a plurality of gray-scale levels patent, US-4252134-A: Method and device for spreading out tobacco leaves and for enabling them to be retrieved, flat, after having been spread out patent, US-4259913-A: Electronic pattern control sewing machine patent, US-4264774-A: 2-Thiophenesulfonyl bromides patent, US-4321690-A: Magnetic bubble memory module patent, US-4442289-A: 4-Oxothieno[3,2-d]pyrimidine acetic acid esters patent, US-4487580-A: Orthodontic bracket holder patent, US-4517414-A: Hookswitch bounce resistant telephone hold-mute circuit patent, US-4517908-A: Automatic notching device in a sewing machine patent, US-4534128-A: Method for pest control using anesthetic and insecticide patent, US-4604388-A: Fused aromatic oxazepinones, thiazepinones, diazepinones and sulfur analogs thereof in a method of counteracting histamine patent, US-4653925-A: Method and apparatus for measuring any of a large number of characteristics of lamplight patent, US-4813285-A: Apparatus for establishing a clean interface in a leak detector patent, US-4925950-A: Process for preparing 1-hydroxyalkyl-5-nitroimidazole patent, US-5420322-A: Preparation of alkali-metal hexamethydisilazanes patent, US-5542331-A: Sound-producing reed for wind instruments patent, US-5616721-A: Process for preparing benzopyran compounds patent, US-5789691-A: Multi-functional coil system for stringed instruments patent, US-6029198-A: Information processing method and apparatus, and method and apparatus for controlling network devices patent, US-6163504-A: Signal detector and methodology for monitoring sound signals having frequencies over a selected frequency range patent, US-6314835-B1: Piezo-electric drive arrangement for a harmonic drive transmission patent, US-6515602-B2: Clamp circuit and method for increasing dynamic range of input image signal and minimizing line noise patent, US-6614304-B2: Variable gain circuit having external controls and a low supply voltage patent, US-6687271-B2: High powered laser patent, US-3873522-A: Method for producing free flowing epicillin patent, US-3875846-A: Device for chamfering the end faces of the teeth of toothed members patent, US-3929010-A: Method and means for measuring the clamping force on transformer windings patent, US-3934310-A: Skinning machine for fish fillets patent, US-3954290-A: Rain guard for upwardly extending exhaust pipes patent, US-3983386-A: Swing arm lamp patent, US-4056895-A: Novelty toy patent, US-4104918-A: Electrodynamograph patent, US-4108007-A: Manometers with measurement range multiplication patent, US-4108525-A: Hermaphroditic edgeboard connectors patent, US-4135348-A: Fastening device for releasably or non-releasably fastening parts of a halter to each other patent, US-4138909-A: Bolt extractor patent, US-4165017-A: Child resistant pull tab patent, US-4184742-A: Hermaphroditic fiber optic connector patent, US-4195835-A: Elastic cable exerciser bar patent, US-4224223-A: Preparation of alkylene carbonates from olefins patent, US-4238730-A: Magnetic brake-damper of electric measuring instrument patent, US-4280698-A: Golf cup cover and putting aid patent, US-4299577-A: Linguistically coded alphabet characters patent, US-4302974-A: Water sampling device patent, US-4400392-A: Novel acaricide compositions patent, US-4402416-A: Child-resistant package patent, US-4419521-A: 6-Halo-4-chromanamines useful as intermediates to make chiral hydantoins patent, US-4459019-A: Automatic sheet original handling device patent, US-4481826-A: Hand held, direct reading, fully mechanical fracture loading device for short rod/bar specimens patent, US-4505136-A: Dust blower for circular knitting machines patent, US-4535320-A: Method and apparatus for digital Huffman decoding patent, US-4647676-A: Process for the isolation of 2,2-dimethyl-7-hydroxy-coumaran patent, US-4722082-A: ISDN subscriber terminal control system patent, US-4873460-A: Monolithic transistor gate energy recovery system patent, US-4896760-A: Pusher elements and cross tubes for a sortation conveyor for products with high-friction surfaces patent, US-4970530-A: Thermal head patent, US-4975473-A: Coating composition and cast-coated paper coated with the same patent, US-5121144-A: Method to eliminate cross coupling between blackness points at printers and a device to perform the method patent, US-5280389-A: Ball lens assembly patent, US-5299593-A: Mixer valve for hot and cold water incorporating a pressure balancer patent, US-5327359-A: Method and system for inferring the radio refractive index structure of the atmosphere from radio measurements patent, US-5384718-A: Set parameter memory means and time recorder patent, US-5430152-A: Method for preparing quinoline carboxylic acids and derivatives thereof patent, US-5433207-A: Method and apparatus to characterize ultrasonically reflective contrast agents patent, US-5540632-A: Control process and control arrangement for a continuously variable speed transmission patent, US-5572289-A: Image converting apparatus with document contacting device capable of eliminating thin-film interference and method for eliminating thin-film interference patent, US-5600146-A: Charged particle beam multiple-pole deflection control circuitry patent, US-5866218-A: Pipe end load support and protector apparatus patent, US-6239178-B1: Method of treating mammals patent, US-6390415-B1: Wheel rotation device patent, US-6392410-B2: Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and method for generating an axisymmetric magnetic field having straight contour lines in the resonance region patent, US-6396672-B1: Apparatus and method for utilizing a snubber capacitor to power a silicon-controlled rectifier gate trigger circuit patent, US-6750455-B2: Method and apparatus for multiple charged particle beams patent, US-3810701-A: Automatic two-part control device for ball point pens and similar writing instruments patent, US-3813134-A: Vibration dampers patent, US-3826287-A: Concrete pipe reinforcing cage patent, US-3843956-A: Data recording system for photographic cameras patent, US-3845279-A: Notation system patent, US-3851834-A: Roll drive mechanism patent, US-3909068-A: Powder feeder patent, US-3926441-A: Stylus shoe suspension arrangement for a phonograph pickup cartridge patent, US-3942689-A: Apparatus for removing compacted fibrous materials from containers patent, US-4045540-A: Process for the synthesis of ammonium nitrite patent, US-4121481-A: Device at a converter with a tilting drive patent, US-4144417-A: Echo cancelling system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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