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US-5554604-A: Method of controlling male fertility patent, US-5743026-A: Drying device with improved guide for rotary cut wood veneer patent, US-5862983-A: Vehicle wheel traction apparatus patent, US-5921989-A: Lens protector for intraocular lens inserter patent, US-6242602-B1: One pot synthesis of 5,10-dihydrophenazine compounds and 5,10-substituted dihydrophenazines patent, US-6648941-B2: Iron-based mixed powder for powder metallurgy and iron-based sintered compact patent, US-6656076-B2: Primary transmission for high RPM motors for auxiliary drive units patent, US-6661292-B2: Apparatus and method for demodulating a radio data system (RDS) signal patent, US-6762591-B2: System and method of forming capacitor-based electrical energy storage modules patent, US-3882379-A: Means for detecting corona within high-voltage electrical apparatus patent, US-3905002-A: Coil form patent, US-3930989-A: Method for reduction of sulfur and nitrogen content in hydrocarbons patent, US-3933485-A: Electrical contact material patent, US-3980364-A: Roller bracket assembly for drawers patent, US-4034653-A: Axial piston motor patent, US-4291944-A: Auxiliary cylinder for camera patent, US-4532733-A: In vitro propagation of grape patent, US-4583740-A: Golf swing muscle training device patent, US-4712521-A: Ignition system patent, US-4782791-A: Animal holder patent, US-4962931-A: Golf putter patent, US-5113773-A: Top feeding device for sewing machines patent, US-5147936-A: LLDPE films by blending with specific polypropylenes patent, US-5313844-A: Flow transducer patent, US-5549115-A: Method and apparatus for gathering event data using a removable data storage medium and clock patent, US-5698791-A: Method and device for separating and for measuring the volume of the different phases of a mixture of fluids patent, US-5714612-A: Hindered piperidine stabilizers and production thereof patent, US-5738058-A: Device for inhibiting the theft of pull-start internal combustion engines patent, US-5927135-A: Bending machine patent, US-5931695-A: Retaining nut patent, US-5988999-A: Scroll type fluid machine having a reduced Oldham ring gap patent, US-6267083-B1: Animal support garment patent, US-6378235-B1: Weapons rest patent, US-6479788-B1: Method and apparatus of making a hole in a printed circuit board patent, US-6494607-B2: Four wing, non-intermeshing rotors for synchronous drive to provide improved dispersive and distributive mixing in internal batch mixers patent, US-6590218-B1: Projection-exposure methods and apparatus exhibiting increased throughput patent, US-6789436-B2: Method and arrangement for transporting and inspecting semiconductor substrates patent, US-4192834-A: Carburetor patent, US-4771382-A: Master ECR for interrogating the state and data contents of a slave ECR patent, US-4901995-A: Apparatus for use in forming sheet material assemblages patent, US-5034670-A: Control circuit for electromagnetic actuator patent, US-5369423-A: Method and apparatus for the automatic calibration of an analog raster output scanner patent, US-5678148-A: Structure for positioning a developing device in a recording apparatus patent, US-6059275-A: Vibration damper having oscillating force generating means patent, US-6076011-A: Electromyographic feedback monitor system patent, US-6235908-B1: Method for producing (S,S)-benzyl-2,8-diazabicyclo[4.3.0]nonane patent, US-6421809-B1: Method for determining a storage bandwidth optimized memory organization of an essentially digital device patent, US-6614632-B1: Powerfeed for a submarine communications system patent, US-6639594-B2: View-dependent image synthesis patent, US-6682325-B1: Hydraulic unit patent, US-6769366-B1: One piece center sill for a railroad car patent, US-4113642-A: High viscosity neutral polyester lubricants patent, US-4520694-A: Method of controlling engine operation in an automotive vehicle during gear change patent, US-4605306-A: Grating monochromator patent, US-4688798-A: Golf club and head including alignment indicators patent, US-4887616-A: Restraint mitt for restraining a wearer's hand and arm patent, US-5102792-A: Selective production of L-serine derivative isomers patent, US-5116130-A: Ring laser gyroscope mount patent, US-5197555-A: Rock bit with vectored inserts patent, US-5329876-A: Animal waterer patent, US-5331002-A: 5-aryl-4-alkyl-3H-1,2,4-triazole-3-thiones useful as memory enhancers patent, US-5645606-A: Outer shell for an at least two-shell joint socket of a hip joint prosthesis patent, US-5881489-A: Integrated handle fishing reel housing patent, US-6107863-A: Charge pump circuit and logic circuit patent, US-6274566-B1: Methods for treating mammals with modified alginates and pectins patent, US-6318375-B1: Device for locating endocardial electrodes patent, US-6550344-B2: Semi-flush air data sensor patent, US-6601202-B2: Circuit configuration with deactivatable scan path patent, US-6679466-B2: Camming devices patent, US-4351114-A: Process for measuring using standard blocks and a standard measuring block patent, US-4390449-A: Method of preparing stoichiometric zinc silicate phosphor with improved brightness and persistence patent, US-4512460-A: Glass sheet roller conveyor including antifriction drive chain patent, US-4523638-A: Internally manifolded unibody plate for a plate/fin-type heat exchanger patent, US-4737894-A: Integral ball point pen and light patent, US-4740062-A: Method and apparatus for lensing a light beam patent, US-4883155-A: Clutch release bearing, in particular for automotive vehicle patent, US-4974587-A: Applicator array and positioning system for hyperthermia patent, US-5300920-A: Basketball game having scoring slap-pads patent, US-5310904-A: Process for preparing optically active benzothiazepine compounds by asymmetric reduction patent, US-5479852-A: Table height adjustable device patent, US-5563677-A: Auto focusing apparatus in a camera patent, US-5798765-A: Three dimensional light intensity display map patent, US-5948019-A: Heart valve suturing ring with surface coating to inhibit tissue ingrowth patent, US-5960779-A: Arrow rest and launcher patent, US-6274377-B1: Inducing apoptosis in a mammalian cell by contacting with paraffin or agar patent, US-6393449-B1: Arbitrary function generator patent, US-6429211-B1: Praziquantel compounds for treating diseases due to Sarcocystis Neospora Toxoplasma and Isospora patent, US-4454888-A: Cardiac pacing lead with curve retainer patent, US-4619260-A: Tissue-retrieving means for a surgical snare instrument patent, US-5341954-A: Product dispenser for a vending machine patent, US-5694503-A: Article comprising a temperature compensated optical fiber refractive index grating patent, US-5791883-A: Compressor driver patent, US-6344656-B1: Surface measuring apparatus having relative displacement between a probe and its carriage patent, US-6395212-B1: Covered stent and method of making it patent, US-6658944-B2: Simultaneous determination of multiphase flowrates and concentrations patent, US-4360453-A: Preparation of vanadium phosphorus catalysts patent, US-4854173-A: Measurement of intergranular attack in stainless steel using ultrasonic energy patent, US-4856776-A: Coil spring exerciser patent, US-5095888-A: Intubating stylet for a laryngoscope patent, US-5172600-A: Linear weight actuator patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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