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US-4270793-A: Automobile front deck structure patent, US-4291335-A: Vertical synchronizing signal detector patent, US-4310830-A: Method of and system for analog/digital conversion patent, US-4327284-A: Focusing detection device patent, US-4344958-A: Method of inhibiting sickling of sickle erythrocytes using substituted-2-imidazolines patent, US-4475720-A: Casthouse emission control system patent, US-4553823-A: Large relative aperture objective lens patent, US-4565420-A: Socket and base for picture tubes patent, US-4613922-A: Double-grounded wall tank, and method of its manufacture patent, US-5148788-A: Air-assist fuel injection system patent, US-4678652-A: Process for producing silica in fine powder form patent, US-4719296-A: Spiroxazine compounds patent, US-4730326-A: Semiconductor laser array device patent, US-4775244-A: Method and apparatus for measurement of pulse width of very short pulses patent, US-4783539-A: Methacryloxy containing compounds patent, US-4836660-A: Zoom lens system for compact camera patent, US-4981885-A: Polymer dispersions, process for their preparation, and their use as binders patent, US-5001430-A: Apparatus for locating concealed electrical conductors patent, US-5162495-A: Synthesis of quinoline and substituted quinoline copolymers patent, US-5190288-A: Golf club and attachable ball retriever patent, US-5278628-A: Apparatus for measuring cross-sectional distribution of refractive index of optical waveguide by RNF method patent, US-5347236-A: Modulator for negative pulse activated oscillators patent, US-5348119-A: Tree stand and adaptor comprising the same patent, US-5407528-A: Oxygen plasma resistant polymeric film and fiber forming macromolecules containing the phosphine oxide moiety patent, US-5418892-A: Subspace-based line detection patent, US-5449339-A: Heel supporting protective boot for bed patients patent, US-5641149-A: Gate valve patent, US-5814822-A: Ion implanter and ion implanting method using the same patent, US-5958938-A: Bis-pyrido 4,3-b!carbazole compounds patent, US-5995078-A: Incremental automatic track datablock offset patent, US-6147448-A: Piezolelectric porcelain step-up discharge tube patent, US-6380231-B1: Azolyloxybenzylalkoxyacrylic esters, their preparation and their use patent, US-6441163-B1: Methods for preparation of cytotoxic conjugates of maytansinoids and cell binding agents patent, US-6577277-B1: Dual band antenna patent, US-6668149-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-6677506-B1: DNA coding for a Mg2+/H+ or Zn2+/H+ exchanger and transgenic plants expressing same patent, US-3836891-A: Tape reader system with buffer memory patent, US-3865800-A: Manufacture of polymers of cycloolefins by ring-opening polymerization of cycloolefins patent, US-3866438-A: Motor cooling apparatus utilizing a refrigerant flow circuit patent, US-3877536-A: Snowmobile engine cooling means patent, US-3894426-A: Apparatus for penetration test of concrete block, brick and the like patent, US-3912263-A: Exercising machine patent, US-3920217-A: Limit switch means, particularly for hydraulic steering circuits patent, US-3927047-A: Novel N-long chain acyl-acidic amino acid diester patent, US-3941812-A: Thermally stable octanitro macrocyclic explosives patent, US-3979572-A: Induction heating apparatus patent, US-4052111-A: Bogie-wheel shaft lubrication system patent, US-4061755-A: Coccidiocidal combination of monensin and metichlorpindol patent, US-4065454-A: 1,3-Didesoxy-1,3-[N,N'-(1',2',3',4'-tetrahydro-1',4'-dioxo)-phthalazino]-inositol compounds patent, US-4078061-A: Method of treating acne patent, US-4087685-A: Fluorescent microanalytical system and method for detecting and identifying organic materials patent, US-4119243-A: Article dispensing device patent, US-4182190-A: Method for simulating dynamic loads and apparatus for carrying out the method patent, US-4196513-A: Machine for automatically inserting parallel lead electronic components into a printed circuit board patent, US-4227123-A: Switching amplifier for driving a load through an alternating-current path with a constant-amplitude, varying duty cycle signal patent, US-4293408-A: Bar end separator patent, US-4326034-A: Fermentation process for producing higher plant cells patent, US-4357121-A: Flap-gate for bottom discharge control in canals having ice problems patent, US-4358052-A: Hot-water central heating system patent, US-4418535-A: Device for regulating the pressure of a fluid supplied to a feeding circuit from a fluid source patent, US-4454961-A: Package dispensing mechanism for vending machine patent, US-4458223-A: Microwave window assembly having cooling means patent, US-4504571-A: Method of peel development patent, US-4517065-A: Alloyed-lead corrosion-resisting anode patent, US-4550501-A: Orbital-action reciprocating power saw patent, US-4554825-A: Damping device of an air flow rate meter disposed in the air intake tube of an internal combustion engine patent, US-4562881-A: Method for stirring in continuous casting patent, US-4663961-A: System for remote chemical analysis patent, US-4674009-A: Tantalum capacitor lead wire patent, US-4700199-A: Print quality controller for a thermal printer patent, US-4789902-A: Image signal processing method patent, US-4879290-A: Agents for the prevention of ranking fights in pigs patent, US-4882481-A: Automatic brightness control for image intensifiers patent, US-4883076-A: Dual-rod cigarette manufacturing machine patent, US-4896170-A: Locking pen support means for graphic recorder patent, US-4900268-A: Electric connector for flat flexible cables patent, US-4970443-A: Cathode-ray display patent, US-5050281-A: Apparatus for fitting coil springs patent, US-5101185-A: Coil carrier with safety switch patent, US-5225052-A: Process for the production of alkali metal hypophosphites patent, US-5226092-A: Method and apparatus for learning in a neural network patent, US-5262634-A: Optical sensor unit using multiple elastic retainers patent, US-5266829-A: Electrically-programmable low-impedance anti-fuse element patent, US-5355752-A: Screwholder for screwdriver patent, US-5375458-A: Leak test fixture patent, US-5390230-A: Controlled atmosphere, variable volume sample holder for x-ray diffractomer patent, US-5429342-A: Slide gate nozzle including sequentially replaceable refractory sliding plates and refractory plate assembly employable therein patent, US-5521796-A: Light conducting plate for surface light source device and method for the manufacture thereof patent, US-5536077-A: Safety glove bag and method of making same patent, US-5538807-A: Vent valve for an amphibious equipment having a battery housing patent, US-5553341-A: Roller carriage for portable bridges patent, US-5641619-A: Method for producing silver halide emulsion doped with a non-labile selenium compound patent, US-5647565-A: Tripod patent, US-5699878-A: Conveyor elevating techniques patent, US-5712429-A: Pressure-responsive instrument with filter patent, US-5761217-A: Method for recovering errors with data communication patent, US-5771260-A: Enclosure system for laser optical systems and devices patent, US-5780862-A: Method and apparatus for generating ions patent, US-5963104-A: Standard cell ring oscillator of a non-deterministic randomizer circuit patent, US-5968418-A: Conductive contact material patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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