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US-5979349-A: Boat lift method patent, US-6059073-A: Overspeed valve for hydraulic elevator patent, US-6107521-A: Process for the preparation of secondary amines patent, US-6138392-A: Animal tag system patent, US-6246957-B1: Method of dynamically generating navigation route data patent, US-6409584-B1: Speed adjusting device for pneumatic grinding tool patent, US-6483913-B1: Method for interactively entering alphanumeric text into a multiline display device using a keypad patent, US-6500784-B1: Herbicidal compositions and surfactant concentrates patent, US-6547816-B1: Formable integral source material for medical devices patent, US-6680982-B1: Jitter-tolerant signal receiver and method of designing the same patent, US-6724228-B2: Clock generating circuit capable of generating internal clock accurately synchronized with external clock patent, US-3848876-A: Scanning element patent, US-3858494-A: Coffee percolator with safety device patent, US-3858897-A: Safety sled patent, US-3877302-A: Method for determining tightness of film shrunk over a container or an assembly of containers patent, US-3895508-A: Flat key patent, US-3912651-A: Anhydrous organosilicon fluids patent, US-3920799-A: Process for preparing silicon tetrachloride from silicon carbide with hydrogen chloride patent, US-3924941-A: Cassette and cassette holder for improved controlled-reading device patent, US-3952455-A: Sealing gasket patent, US-3958361-A: Track segment with braking elements which retain vehicle vertically during braking patent, US-3966937-A: Method for protecting plants from soil-borne plant disease organisms using methyl-(4-methylphenyl)-substituted-tetrazolo (1,5-a)-pyrimidines patent, US-3972591-A: Greatly variable magnification zoom lens system of large aperture ratio patent, US-3975656-A: Direct view storage tube patent, US-3983586-A: Rapidly positioned envelope cover patent, US-3987522-A: Method of manufacturing an image display device incorporating proximity focussing patent, US-3992026-A: Interconnected suspension for a motor vehicle patent, US-4024945-A: Apparatus for transferring formed unbaked and baked dough and confectionary from a feed conveyor through a transfer conveyor onto a receiving conveyor patent, US-4026589-A: Door locking mechanism patent, US-4041378-A: Interchangeable probe tip for a magnetic thickness gauge patent, US-4045723-A: Two dimensional gyromagnetic resonance spectroscopy patent, US-4047724-A: Collapsible utility cart patent, US-4062763-A: Reactivation of hydrofinishing catalyst for color removal activity patent, US-4112912-A: Gas broiler patent, US-4113954-A: Process for the preparation of 3-anilino-5-pyrazolones patent, US-4114581-A: Pulse-supplied ignition system for internal combustion engines patent, US-4137531-A: Radar selective interrogation system patent, US-4141002-A: Modular columnar electroluminescent display control circuit patent, US-4144194-A: Zeolite promoted hydrocarbon conversion catalysts patent, US-4160361-A: Jewelry bracelets patent, US-4165888-A: Cross country ski binding patent, US-4176547-A: Torque correlation ring patent, US-4230312-A: Item sorter pocket flag and switch apparatus patent, US-4238173-A: Apparatus for manufacturing high-purity sodium amalgam particles patent, US-4262578-A: Cartridge ejector patent, US-4270000-A: Process for preparing 3-phenoxy morphinans patent, US-4300208-A: Controlling which of two addresses is used by a microcode memory patent, US-4319626-A: Chemical storage of energy patent, US-4345380-A: Gap gauge patent, US-4348249-A: Well sides in letter feeding and letter sealing machines patent, US-4379219-A: Shaving unit and method of manufacture therefor patent, US-4385252-A: Support for exciter winding bar patent, US-4390752-A: Ring detection circuit for a telephone answering device patent, US-4400852-A: Dirt separator with a web-carding plate patent, US-4420863-A: Cane crushing apparatus patent, US-4446981-A: Tampering indicating bottle cap and method of closing a bottle patent, US-4456470-A: Herbicidal 2-(alpha-chloromethylsulfonyl) pyridine-1-oxides patent, US-4467746-A: Animal mugger patent, US-4471283-A: Average current regulation for stepper motors patent, US-4475959-A: Non-aqueous brazing alloy paste patent, US-4490170-A: Method for forming a directional and controlled suspension spray of a pulverous material and a reaction gas patent, US-4538824-A: Steering device for vehicle patent, US-4540122-A: Electromagnetic unit fuel injector with pivotable armature patent, US-4562803-A: Intake system for rotary piston engine patent, US-4572825-A: Process for bleaching natural chalk patent, US-4585244-A: Bicycle improvement patent, US-4658133-A: Rotational angle detecting device with full circumference illumination and detection patent, US-4659652-A: Silver halide color photographic material patent, US-4687207-A: Method of manipulating playing pieces patent, US-4715151-A: Plasterboard repair kit patent, US-4776197-A: Process and apparatus for producing an electrical battery pole or terminal patent, US-4779887-A: Boat trailer boat hull guiding system patent, US-4904902-A: Ion implanting system patent, US-4910645-A: Solid electrolytes, and electrolyte capacitors containing same patent, US-4955958-A: Aircraft patent, US-4982673-A: Button sewing machine patent, US-4988222-A: Double print head patent, US-4992634-A: Medium tension gas blast circuit breaker patent, US-5000731-A: Shunting device adopted in the intracranial shunting surgical operation for the treatment of hydrocephalus patent, US-5073788-A: Camera support patent, US-5177793-A: Accurate recognition of input patterns patent, US-5187573-A: Inspection method and apparatus patent, US-5231360-A: Multi-range voltage amplifier having multiplying digital/analog converters and programmable filter using multiplying DAC in feedback loop patent, US-5287514-A: Method and system for customizing a user interface in a computer system patent, US-5335058-A: Time series signal multichannel frequency analyzer using liquid crystal panel patent, US-5337839-A: Extending the lateral portion of a short-radius wellbore patent, US-5461444-A: Lens holding structure patent, US-5711166-A: Air separation method and apparatus patent, US-5727561-A: Method and apparatus for non-invasive detection and analysis of turbulent flow in a patient's blood vessels patent, US-5731750-A: Spherical cavity mode transcendental control methods and systems patent, US-5755215-A: Gas fireplace patent, US-5779501-A: Connector patent, US-5827120-A: Network game system having communication characters for conversation changing into action characters for action gaming patent, US-5910639-A: Air vent panels for electromagnetic shielding patent, US-5995672-A: Method for reducing alpha plane bit mask size patent, US-6201451-B1: MSK modulator and MSK modulation method of transmitting data at high speed and digital signal generator suitable for MSK modulation patent, US-6206713-B1: PCB zero-insertion-force connector patent, US-6220673-B1: Laser joining toothbrush heads to handles patent, US-6238103-B1: Optical fiber connector assembly patent, US-6242973-B1: Bootstrapped CMOS driver patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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