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US-5934785-A: Structure of a light patent, US-5949381-A: On-vehicle windowpane antenna apparatus patent, US-5159524-A: Laser trimable capacitor patent, US-5994900-A: Test phantom for information systems and method of its use patent, US-6030319-A: Foldable cross-country skiing exerciser patent, US-6032508-A: Apparatus and method for near net warm forging of complex parts from axi-symmetrical workpieces patent, US-6045457-A: Golf club shaft with an inner member patent, US-6056619-A: Toy with moving article patent, US-6081673-A: Camera control circuit patent, US-6084450-A: PWM controller with one cycle response patent, US-6095525-A: Twenty-one side bets patent, US-6129000-A: Firearm, in particular a hand firearm patent, US-6148441-A: Method for reprogramming flash ROM in a personal computer implementing an EISA bus system patent, US-6198304-B1: Programmable logic device patent, US-6224409-B1: Audio jack patent, US-6282033-B1: Lens with external aperture stop patent, US-6300967-B1: Method and apparatus for providing feedback while scrolling patent, US-6362776-B1: Precision radar altimeter with terrain feature coordinate location capability patent, US-6390069-B1: Fuel injector assembly and internal combustion engine including same patent, US-6470278-B1: Confined occupant detection apparatus and transportation vehicle having same incorporated therein patent, US-6545629-B1: FOB command mechanization patent, US-6598873-B2: Paper feeder patent, US-6621329-B2: Semiconductor device patent, US-6687502-B2: Method for managing channel state in extended traffic region base station patent, US-6695688-B1: “Tree winch” portable game hoist patent, US-6709470-B2: Benchtop processing patent, US-6736807-B2: Laser beam irradiation probe patent, US-6765418-B2: Clock supply bias circuit and single-phase clock drive frequency dividing circuit using the same patent, US-6779154-B1: Arrangement for reversibly converting extensible markup language documents to hypertext markup language documents patent, US-3811087-A: Measurement of moisture content of materials patent, US-3816759-A: Divider circuits patent, US-3861468-A: Method for stabilizing incompetent sand containing formations patent, US-3972531-A: Indicating target for projectiles patent, US-4018413-A: Electrical equipment mounting apparatus including a movable mounting member patent, US-4058367-A: Automatic asynchronous fluid processing apparatus patent, US-4058985-A: Protection of metallic structural elements against corrosion patent, US-4065656-A: Electrical resistor and method of production patent, US-4074716-A: Diaper with elastic fastener tab patent, US-4100818-A: Drive system patent, US-4200366-A: Microform readers patent, US-4213383-A: Bean snipper patent, US-4262762-A: Anti-collaring structure for impact bit patent, US-4302960-A: Portable hose fitting crimping device patent, US-4314313-A: Single and dual low inductance capacitor and header therefor patent, US-4329026-A: Photocomposing machine and method patent, US-4338191-A: Apparatus for treating fluids patent, US-4366666-A: Haymaking machine patent, US-4373720-A: Tennis practice backboard patent, US-4376106-A: Process for producing Y-type zeolite patent, US-4399120-A: Hydrogen-water isotopic exchange process patent, US-4451869-A: Laminated ceramic capacitor patent, US-4452210-A: Fuel injection valve drive circuit patent, US-4454216-A: Method for making improved lithographic printing plate patent, US-4461251-A: Crankcase supercharged four cycle engine with jet pump assist patent, US-4522358-A: Method and apparatus for the displacement of two thrust reversers of jet engines of an aircraft in synchronism during the thrust reversal phase patent, US-4574360-A: Helicopter weight measuring system patent, US-4581051-A: Apparatus for the separation of liquid drops or particulate solids from a gas stream patent, US-4610156-A: Progressive die apparatus having resilient tool support means patent, US-4644737-A: Mower patent, US-4708724-A: High efficiency particulate air filter and separators, therefor patent, US-4709226-A: Circuitry for complementing binary numbers patent, US-4770132-A: Draining system for outboard engine patent, US-4776133-A: Pet door patent, US-4815944-A: Variable capacity compressor patent, US-4844353-A: Straw-shredding knife and rotary knife assembly patent, US-4851814-A: Door alarm patent, US-4868162-A: Antiviral agent patent, US-4958516-A: Method and means for determining air mass in a crankcase scavenged two-stroke engine patent, US-4959342-A: Method of producing catalyst carriers patent, US-4960499-A: Coke oven hood apparatus patent, US-4984969-A: Plunger lift tool patent, US-5017658-A: Dyeable polypropylene fibers for clothes patent, US-5071544-A: Filtering device for solid wastes patent, US-5150698-A: Method and arrangement for adjusting fuel for emergency operation patent, US-5161075-A: Hub table for a magnetic disk drive device patent, US-5184511-A: Measuring tank sight glass patent, US-5196651-A: Encapsulation package for electronic component patent, US-5197304-A: Device for treatment of textile materials patent, US-5219805-A: Ivory-colored zirconia sintered body, process for its production and its use patent, US-5230197-A: Adjustable space frames patent, US-5345025-A: Separation process for the product streams resulting from the dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons patent, US-5367074-A: Preparation of 7,16-dichlorodianthraquinone-N,N'-dihydroazine patent, US-5440236-A: Calibrating a network analyzer by making multiple measurements on a common transmission line with a movable discontinuity patent, US-5453687-A: Method and a device to determine the spatial arrangement of a directionally sensitive magnetic field sensor patent, US-5461159-A: Binding chemical impurities contained in crude N-vinylpyrrolid-2-one patent, US-5495977-A: Bobbin for fibrous wound material and method for producing the same patent, US-5522591-A: Lottery number picker kit patent, US-5551468-A: Fluidic density control for chlor alkali cells patent, US-5553512-A: Roller tappet having yoke member with flat top plate patent, US-5599226-A: Method and plant for separating a part from a carcass patent, US-5603498-A: Lightweight field hockey stick patent, US-5617868-A: Pulse wave detecting apparatus patent, US-5623981-A: Safety barrier for rim holding tire changers patent, US-5647752-A: Lever-type connector patent, US-5685075-A: Method for brazing flat tubes of laminated heat exchanger patent, US-5708940-A: Electrostatic recording apparatus providing an electric field adjacent a developer roller patent, US-5747686-A: Tire pressure-reduction determining system for wheels of a vehicle patent, US-5753881-A: Method and apparatus for rotating a machining portion of an electrodischarge machine patent, US-5768973-A: Hydraulic line and valve assembly for construction vehicle auxiliary implements patent, US-5904129-A: Control device for cylinder injection type internal-combustion engine 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