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US-5993211-A: Ball impression coping patent, US-6000164-A: Fishing rod patent, US-6003489-A: Fuel injection control device of in-cylinder type internal combustion engine patent, US-6035894-A: Coupling device for rapid connection patent, US-6040731-A: Differential pair gain control stage patent, US-6107878-A: Automatic gain control circuit for controlling multiple variable gain amplifier stages while estimating received signal power patent, US-6138917-A: Multiple magnetic stripe transaction cards and systems for the utilization thereof patent, US-6246643-B1: Disk changer device patent, US-6263592-B1: Footwear pad patent, US-6312097-B1: Ink jet array patent, US-6338462-B1: Tensioning clip and high voltage wire holder patent, US-6382356-B1: Man lift apparatus patent, US-6399794-B1: Direct epoxidation process using carbonate modifiers patent, US-6401907-B1: Conveyor patent, US-6405544-B2: Refrigerator and method of operating refrigerator patent, US-6478839-B1: Method of induction-heat melting treatment of metal-oxide-containing powders and device therefor patent, US-6502564-B1: Exhaust gas recirculation system module patent, US-6507487-B1: Removable structures for mounting computer drive devices, pivotable between operating and service positions patent, US-6547555-B2: Regenerative heat sensor reservoir for combustion burner patent, US-6550050-B2: Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit device, and apparatus for designing the same patent, US-6560982-B2: Thermal expansion valve patent, US-6594936-B1: Method for lining a gun barrel patent, US-6731718-B2: Radiographic apparatus patent, US-3867696-A: An improved electrical current measuring meter having integral calibration and zero adjustment means patent, US-3940738-A: Electric lock patent, US-3955220-A: Swimming pool construction patent, US-4077610-A: Method and apparatus for passing an article through an interior of a pipe patent, US-4186646-A: Adjustable charging bar patent, US-4188803-A: Constant velocity universal joint patent, US-4192749-A: Screens for water intakes patent, US-4194608-A: Controls for clutch, motor and transmission patent, US-4209132-A: Shower spray heads patent, US-4226222-A: Exhaust gas recirculation system for internal combustion engines patent, US-4243390-A: Process for dyeing or printing fibrous material using quaternary polymerized ammonium salts as assistants patent, US-4256373-A: Fish eye lens system patent, US-4374835-A: Piperazine derivatives of theophylline patent, US-4444551-A: Direct ignition gas burner control system patent, US-4481554-A: Voltage adaptive solenoid control apparatus patent, US-4559658-A: Positioning assembly for a furniture panel or like component patent, US-4597492-A: Conveyor chain patent, US-4598919-A: Trolley for moving textile pieces between workstations patent, US-4608092-A: Process for improving the corrosion resistance of ferrous metal parts patent, US-4635599-A: Distributor-type fuel injection pump with preliminary injection control device patent, US-4680849-A: Apparatus for assembling a bicycle frame patent, US-4728894-A: High frequency coil for an NMR apparatus patent, US-4740096-A: Electronic apparatus equipped with power-saving printer patent, US-4755842-A: Apparatus for initializing a frame counter from a random setting patent, US-4798464-A: Scanning array spectrophotometer patent, US-4799525-A: Multi-option shutter awning assembly patent, US-4804184-A: Method of fitting golf club to golfer patent, US-4809993-A: Stuffing box sealing device patent, US-4924009-A: Xanthene dye complexes patent, US-4951010-A: Polarization rotating apparatus for microwave signals patent, US-5086635-A: Method of and machine for forming compound curvatures in metal sheets by drawing patent, US-5163887-A: Weight collar patent, US-5295846-A: Plug-in connector assembly patent, US-5335445-A: Moving light insect trap patent, US-5361451-A: Apparatus for making a nonwoven web patent, US-5387778-A: Snow and ice removal apparatus patent, US-5444987-A: Refrigeration system utilizing a jet enthalpy compressor for elevating the suction line pressure patent, US-5451252-A: Subpigmentary titanium dioxide with improved photostability patent, US-5482032-A: Dry powder inhalers patent, US-5486763-A: Method to display with combined color multiple quantitative images of tissue parameters obtained with nuclear magnetic resonance patent, US-5493165-A: Force generator for electrostrictive actuators patent, US-5583514-A: Rapid satellite acquisition device patent, US-5595533-A: V-ribbed belt and grinding wheel for forming the belt patent, US-5631419-A: Gauge assembly patent, US-5702255-A: Ball grid array socket assembly patent, US-5783873-A: Magnetic coupling-type communication bus architecture patent, US-5796888-A: Optical switch apparatus patent, US-5836284-A: Intake system construction for internal combustion engine and manufacturing process of intake passage section of internal combustion engine patent, US-5852456-A: Plate assembly suitable for ink-jet-type printing head patent, US-5887983-A: Bearing assembly for radar mast patent, US-5938553-A: Low noise chain patent, US-5986395-A: Metal/ferrite laminate magnet patent, US-6035462-A: Portable commode seat with lift assist patent, US-6044597-A: Friction reducing member for dock seal patent, US-6067956-A: Knock control for engine patent, US-6085324-A: Monitoring and regulatory system for the internet patent, US-6106305-A: Elastomeric connector having a plurality of fine pitched contacts, a method for connecting components using the same and a method for manufacturing such a connector patent, US-6136981-A: Preparation of 4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridines patent, US-6171628-B1: Method for rolling up a sheet of dough patent, US-6178149-B1: Storage medium loading mechanism and storage medium storage and/or reproducing apparatus patent, US-6184814-B1: Method and arrangement for generation of a time mean-value free binary signal patent, US-6196033-B1: Restraining device employing bundling ties patent, US-6215260-B1: Controlling movement of linear induction motor patent, US-6295954-B1: Cylinder block for water-cooled engine patent, US-6330337-B1: Automotive entertainment system for rear seat passengers patent, US-6377568-B1: Method and apparatus for performing call matching for internet telephones in legacy call centers patent, US-6386261-B1: Device for applying adhesive mounting tape patent, US-6454203-B1: Yarn winder with vibration damper patent, US-6480899-B1: Differentiated services IP quality of services round trip time aware intelligent traffic conditioner in an ingress node of virtual private networks patent, US-6499794-B1: Sport utility sliding door patent, US-6566780-B2: Rotary electric machine having reinforcing ring on armature patent, US-6573662-B2: Plasma addressed display device with a function of controlling partial pressure of dopant gas patent, US-6611288-B1: Dead pixel correction by row/column substitution patent, US-6792612-B1: Java runtime system with modified constant pool patent, US-4045800-A: Phase steered subarray antenna patent, US-4178125-A: Bucket-less turbine wheel patent, US-4197176-A: Apparatus for measuring surface characteristics of metals and metalloids patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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